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Semester Research Assistants

For Fall 2021- RA positions will most likely be remote, but the functioning of the lab may change depending on COVID-19 rates in Connecticut. 

During Fall and Spring, Yale undergraduates may join the Mind and Development Lab, either for course credit, or as a volunteer. Students typically spend 8-10 hours per week assisting with research in the lab, as well as attending weekly lab meeting. Research Assistant activities may include:

  • Running participants in lab, school, and museum settings
  • Attending weekly lab meetings & reading scholarly journal articles
  • Designing stimuli and new experiments
  • Inputting and analyzing data
  • Calling parents to schedule visits with their children

If you are a Yale student interested in working as a research assistant during the academic year, please contact the the graduate student whose research interests you the most. 

Students from outside universities (UNH, Quinnipiac, SCSU, Gateway Community College, etc) who live in/ near the New Haven area may also apply as research assistants during the academic year. These applications will be assesed on a case-by-case basis.